Monday, March 16, 2009

Deep fried Peanut butter and Jelly

Have you ever been curious?
It happens to the best of us in the worst of times....anywho today I thought that I needed to do something happy in order to make me well.......happy duh! But I had no clue what I could do in Provo. I don't think anyone can ever have plans really because there's NOTHING to DO here! especially during the day, SO I decided to do what I normally enjoy, eating. I looked into the cupboard and fridge to find something to munch but all I could find was enormous amounts of butter, two eggs, (not AIGS eggs) bread, frozen fish, cat food, tuna, mayo, peanut butter, moldy bagels, chocolate chips, lime Cheetos, And jelly. I did find more but I think you get the idea! The idea being, there wasn't anything good to eat in my fridge and or cupboard.
I wanted something hot, I don't know why but being of the female species I crave strange things and I wanted something HOT! so I got out a pan and weighed my options. Grilled cheese sandwich....yeah. that sounded delicious, but alas the world was out of cheese. =( then I thought PB and J. So I put a bunch of butter on the pan and fried me up a PB and J.
At first I thought I was crazy to actually eat it, I'll just cook it because I'm bored. But it couldn't hurt to try it right?
Now I can tell you now that it was the BEST PB and J I have ever tasted! It's the sandwich of the future!
It was delicious, so now I recommend it to all of you who actually read my blogs, fry yourself up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, because I told you to, and when you don't listen to my command I eat your babies. That's just what happens so yeah!
just thought I'd share that!
until next time I guess, and if you treasure your babies, I'd do it!

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