Friday, March 27, 2009

Secret Ingredients

Okay here's a thinker!

If you were told by some ancient brain, like Gandhi, or Plato, that you were the secret ingredient to life, that every move you made determined the future, how would you react?

Like if you decided that your favorite sandwich was peanut butter and jelly, then you made it for your kids, and they made it for their kids, until the whole future worshiped PB&J's all because of you. And they named cities after you, and PB&J's had monuments build in Egypt, all because you decided that PB&J's were the best thing in sandwich history, what would you do?
My brother says he would make everyone wear top hats on Tuesdays and talk backwards, which I think might be the best reply I've gotten from this question. He would turn abnormalities into the "in thing" of the future, turning differences into a good thing. He's smart for a twelve year old you know, most twelve year olds are weird and hormonal. Ew.
I think I would make everyone wear different colored socks and burst into song randomly, and when it was rainy or windy people would have kite flying races or catch the rain in little cups! We could live like the who's! Yes the Dr.Seuss who's.
I think it would be sweet.
Why does the world look "down upon" people who are different anyway? I think it's sick the way people treat others.....Anyways think about could pick anything in the world that could change!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Amazing me!

Well I don't know how, but I'm following my own blog!
Because I rock.
Anyways This blog is to enlighten those of you who stress out, feel lonely, because YOU need a hug!
I know there are alot of those free hugs people who just want your love! Or a family member who doesn't show it, but feels lonely or upset, or for no reason at all, just give a hug.
I find hugs release tension, makes you feel cared for and just plain old happy! Giving hugs is addicting, I can't make it one day without hugging my dad, sister, my pillow, even myself when there's no one around! So whoever you might be next to, who ever, give them a big hug and spread the happiness! Heck hug a tree for all I care, for those of you who are hippies or just old tree huggers, HUGS NOT DRUGS!
the reason why I so passionately write about hugging is because I recently acquired a job, which requires me to move away from my family and friends, I'm excited to be going off on my own, but I'm a little scared too. I've never moved out before and my family won't be there everytime I need them! So while I am here for these next few short days, I'm going to get my fill! And I think that everyone needs to stop every once in a while and realize who they have and just hug them, because you never know when they'll need it, you never know exactly why....but sometimes it's all that matters.

I mean seriously.......what the hell?

Okay This blog might surprise you, it might shock you, it might hunt you down and get you. But it must be done!
Today I'm blogging about probably God's worst creation,the most pointless, freaky thing in the world...
Everything happens for a reason....except for clowns I mean what the hell?!
Who came up with the Idea to dress up in huge pants and scary face make up and chase around small children trying to make them laugh but in all seriousness, scaring the living crap out of them and possibly giving them nightmares forever?!
I was watching this cartoon on Nickelodeon where the mom to this boy hires a clown for his birthday party, but the clown was really like this evil guy come to eat him or something, it was freaking scary man. Which got me to ponder, What would posses a mother to rent a little kids nightmare to come to his or her birthday party??!!
"Hey Timmy, guess who we got for your birthday party! It's Satan! He's going to make you balloons and maybe eat your little five year old soul!"
I mean COME ON! No little kid wants a clown at his birthday party, or even anywhere near him EVER! Have you ever even seen a kid laugh at a clown? I haven't, they always get this expression on their face that says dear god, what have you done? There's no way that's uncle Doug, no way......
that's the devil.
You think they can't tell but they know.

Then I watched a Simpsons episode and it was spot on. It's the episode where Bart is a little kid and Lisa is about to be born, and Homer is trying to get Bart to sleep in a bed so Lisa can have the crib. So he makes him a clown bed. Bart sits in the bed all night rocking back and forth saying, "Can't sleep clown will eat me.." Over and over again.
That's exactly how EVERY kid feels.
So parents stop and think before you go out and get a clown, DON'T. It will save you money, and spare your child nightmares and or irrational fears when they get older. I promise, buy your kid a barbie Jeep, or some Bibi guns,they'll thank you.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Deep fried Peanut butter and Jelly

Have you ever been curious?
It happens to the best of us in the worst of times....anywho today I thought that I needed to do something happy in order to make me well.......happy duh! But I had no clue what I could do in Provo. I don't think anyone can ever have plans really because there's NOTHING to DO here! especially during the day, SO I decided to do what I normally enjoy, eating. I looked into the cupboard and fridge to find something to munch but all I could find was enormous amounts of butter, two eggs, (not AIGS eggs) bread, frozen fish, cat food, tuna, mayo, peanut butter, moldy bagels, chocolate chips, lime Cheetos, And jelly. I did find more but I think you get the idea! The idea being, there wasn't anything good to eat in my fridge and or cupboard.
I wanted something hot, I don't know why but being of the female species I crave strange things and I wanted something HOT! so I got out a pan and weighed my options. Grilled cheese sandwich....yeah. that sounded delicious, but alas the world was out of cheese. =( then I thought PB and J. So I put a bunch of butter on the pan and fried me up a PB and J.
At first I thought I was crazy to actually eat it, I'll just cook it because I'm bored. But it couldn't hurt to try it right?
Now I can tell you now that it was the BEST PB and J I have ever tasted! It's the sandwich of the future!
It was delicious, so now I recommend it to all of you who actually read my blogs, fry yourself up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, because I told you to, and when you don't listen to my command I eat your babies. That's just what happens so yeah!
just thought I'd share that!
until next time I guess, and if you treasure your babies, I'd do it!