Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Amazing me!

Well I don't know how, but I'm following my own blog!
Because I rock.
Anyways This blog is to enlighten those of you who stress out, feel lonely, because YOU need a hug!
I know there are alot of those free hugs people who just want your love! Or a family member who doesn't show it, but feels lonely or upset, or for no reason at all, just give a hug.
I find hugs release tension, makes you feel cared for and just plain old happy! Giving hugs is addicting, I can't make it one day without hugging my dad, sister, my pillow, even myself when there's no one around! So whoever you might be next to, who ever, give them a big hug and spread the happiness! Heck hug a tree for all I care, for those of you who are hippies or just old tree huggers, HUGS NOT DRUGS!
the reason why I so passionately write about hugging is because I recently acquired a job, which requires me to move away from my family and friends, I'm excited to be going off on my own, but I'm a little scared too. I've never moved out before and my family won't be there everytime I need them! So while I am here for these next few short days, I'm going to get my fill! And I think that everyone needs to stop every once in a while and realize who they have and just hug them, because you never know when they'll need it, you never know exactly why....but sometimes it's all that matters.


Terresa said...

didn't know you had a blog. It rocks, except that the purple lettering on the black background is a teensy bit hard to read (maybe I need my eyes checked or something!).

Anyhooo, you rock, most definitely. And I'm proud to be your auntie.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh Becca, I love you and I think you are amazing and I love your hugs

Pockets said...

and now you're gone... but it was a wonderful last few days right :) I mean who doesn't like eating pizza, being a day late for a concert and being stranded in Salt Lake? I love you Becca.