Friday, March 27, 2009

Secret Ingredients

Okay here's a thinker!

If you were told by some ancient brain, like Gandhi, or Plato, that you were the secret ingredient to life, that every move you made determined the future, how would you react?

Like if you decided that your favorite sandwich was peanut butter and jelly, then you made it for your kids, and they made it for their kids, until the whole future worshiped PB&J's all because of you. And they named cities after you, and PB&J's had monuments build in Egypt, all because you decided that PB&J's were the best thing in sandwich history, what would you do?
My brother says he would make everyone wear top hats on Tuesdays and talk backwards, which I think might be the best reply I've gotten from this question. He would turn abnormalities into the "in thing" of the future, turning differences into a good thing. He's smart for a twelve year old you know, most twelve year olds are weird and hormonal. Ew.
I think I would make everyone wear different colored socks and burst into song randomly, and when it was rainy or windy people would have kite flying races or catch the rain in little cups! We could live like the who's! Yes the Dr.Seuss who's.
I think it would be sweet.
Why does the world look "down upon" people who are different anyway? I think it's sick the way people treat others.....Anyways think about could pick anything in the world that could change!

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