Thursday, April 9, 2009

Too much of a good thing

Well it has officially been a week and a half since I started my new job in Idaho raising potato children! And I've had an epiphany, so I must say to all the mothers out there: YOU are super amazing! Because as much as I love kids, playing and running and screaming and biting (it's all in good fun right?) I'm pooped. I can't imagine doing this full time! I mean I work a lot, but I get away at five or so and I get Fridays off.
And in those days I work I have developed eight bruises, gotten six cuts, one bloody nose, and three sets of teeth imprints on my arms. WEEEEEEEEEE~
I mean kids are so funny, and I love playing with them, but man can they have attitudes; And I think I might blow a gasket if I have to change another kids poopy underwear accident!
But I can't say all the bad things then I'll sound like I'm miserable, and I'm not. When my class of three year olds aren't being crazy, they're really fun! I have heard the best stories about space, and dinosaurs, and adventures that have made me laugh out loud, usually in the kids faces too, but they don't mind. I have also had kids jumping up and down and playing hide and go seek, and kids climbing up and down on me saying that they like me, and force feeding me their awful organic dairy free cheese, or showing me their little babies as they fall out of their tummies, or having little snotty sneezes right in my face followed by a heart filled apology and some high pitched squeals of delight as I slowly wipe off the debree *sigh* this is the life!
I'm not having kids for a long time.