Monday, January 19, 2009

The epideme of Beccaness

Today is a great day for me!
The sun is shiny outside, and that means all the snow is melting, (too slowly, but that's better than not at all....)I woke up early in a dancing mood. So I listened to like twelve Cd's while getting dressed, putting on my make up, eating breakfast, etc.
I couldn't help it!
And I danced to each and every song!

My brother says it's his favorite mood of mine that I randomly have.


Anyways my dad says it's the epideme of me, which I find to be almost exactly right! I say almost because I like it when I'm singing and dancing like a crazy drunk person, I have the whitest ghetto moves you'll ever see, and my voice cracks like a plumbers butt on a hot day.

Okay that was gross, but you get the picture!
Then of course just like me, I fell asleep before I could accomplish anything useful.
So there it is, the greatness of my day!

And remember, Bolimea, twice the flavor, zero the calories!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

White crayons

First off I just want to say, "dfshaklsdjfhasopirugwseifoo."
Secondly I want to add, I totally woke up this afternoon at three!

And now I will start my blog, I need to step into my blogger state of mind.
*deep breath* Okay!
Today I want to comment on the uselessness of white crayons. Or as the Utes here in Utah say "crowns".
Last night before all hell broke loose because of the new years eve festivities, I was coloring a picture for my honey jar friend! I really enjoy writing things to her then adding pictures so she can see how I awesome my stories are when she gets the correct mental image! Anyways I was looking through the crayon box for a black crayon, and started cussing at the box because it held no black crayon. I mean what kind of crayon box possesses no black crayon? A RETARDED ONE is the correct answer.
I know you're probably thinking I was drunk, because everyone gets drunk on new years eve and stars F bombing crayon boxes...but let me assure you I wasn't drunk. It was only six, and new years drinking starts at eleven.
And this was when I realized that in place of the black crayon ( Which I direly needed.) was two white crayons.....that's when I stopped to think, "Why do you even exist little white crayons? You hold no purpose."
I mean have you ever used a white crayon to do anything other than leave secret messages? I haven't.
I think the Crayola company couldn't think of anymore weird macaroni. I mean macaroni is orange, it doesn't have it's own color, just a shade of orange. So anyways I bet they couldn't find a color to make the box complete so they thought up the very annoying idea to put in a color that doesn't color. I mean when you color with a white crayon, it doesn't even come out as a whiter white on the paper, IT LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME! I mean if it made a solid bleached white color I might use it, but it doesn't. They should change the color name from white to paper, because that's exactly what it looks like.
Anyways that's what's been pissing me off, now you can share my anger and together we can take over the world! ( well until I over through you....then I can rule the world. )