Friday, January 1, 2010

ALL GROWN UP! well.....technically......

Wow, it's been like foreve since I've been on my blog. I forgot my password and today on this lovely 2010 day I decided to try and log on and my password was the same as my facebook password! isn't that just lovely?
I bet you all (my five adoring fans...including myself) were wondering where I went? Of course, so do I!
Anyways it's a new year and I need a hip replacement because I'm so old. LOL... that's not funny. my Grandma is getting one of those.....sorry grandma!
Anyways I was so deprived of my blog this year....well last year, that I made a new one, and now I feel guilty because I just know I am going to neglect one, and it's going to get depressed and do drugs and "party" and get really thin and throw up all the time.....just like Lindsy Lohan. Sigh. I just don't know what I'm going to do. I mean I'll try to love both the same, but I like this one better because I have been with it so long and I'm comfortable with it. Also because I have followers on this one who might actually read what I have to say! HOORAY!
Anyways this is just a post to reassure everyone that I am back on my blogging track! (which means I don't have a life! WOOT!) lolz so it's going to be like party central up in here!

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